Concrete Tank Lining

ACUS can line or waterproof the tanks. with hot weather concrete tanks fail due to the differencial temperature difference between the water and the external concrete. The concrete cracks and the steel reinforcing begins to rust and expand thus opening up a crack that will pass water and rot the steel reinforcing in the tank. Water also breaks down the conccrete pitting the walls.

EPOXY coatings do NOT work as they crack also. And then need continual maintenance. Concrete tanks are to be made to stand rigorous conditions so that they do not leak. Leaking can cause very expensive problems especially if the tank is above living quarters. The water from the leaking tank can travel through the walls to other rooms. ACUS offers full solution from your initial conception with engineering advice, to the full solution; leaving the project management team from this problem, to work on the overall project.

Leaking tanks; concrete or steel, ACUS can provide cost effective solutions to make most of your tanks.

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