ACUS Diesel Control Panel

Acus Manufactured in MIDLAND PERTH, WA. Complete Fire Pump Set to AS2941. Design and build to code AS2941 and AS2118


Fire pumps, tanks, controls and accessories for Sprinkler system, hydrant system and combined systems.

Searching for the best deals on Fire Water Pumps in New Zealand? 

After observing the growing demand for Fire Pumps, ACUS has developed turnkey solutions to meet the diverse customer's needs. We manufacture fire pump systems that fully comply with the latest Australian standards AS2941 and AS2118 and International Standards NFPA20. 

We produce standard pumps and can also accommodate additional features as per the client's unique requirements. Our Fire Water Pumps are designed stalwartly with added protection from extreme weather conditions.  

Choose from our wide range of fire pumps that are ideal for water transfer around properties and farms and firefighting in bushfire situations. At ACUS, you'll find varying engine sizes lightweight, heavy and portable all at competitive prices. 

Why Choose ACUS?

  • Our fire pumps are high-performance, reliable and easy to use, perfect for a wide range of applications.

  • We can guide you and assist you in picking the right pump that best suits your needs. 

  • We produce these fire pumps with top-quality, anti-corrosion materials and state-of-the-art technology. 

  • We can custom design as per your needs.

 Industries We Serve

  • Chemical processing industry

  • Agriculture and farming 

  • Oil & gas industry

  • Food processing companies

  • Power generation & more

If you are an Australian resident and would like to get a new Fire Water Pump installed and running within the next few hours, call  ACUS for the hands-down services and best value for money.

For More Info Please Call IVAN HARRIS at +64 273136535