Rainwater Tanks

Buy Good-quality, Long-Lasting Rainwater Tanks

A rainwater tank is installed to collect rainwater or stormwater runoff from a downpipe or roof. Especially for people dwelling in areas with heavy rainfall, it's an outstanding way to lessen the reliance on main water supply channels and re-use stored water for a variety of applications. Not just residential but commercial establishments, too, can place these above-ground water tanks for water collection and storage.

Your decision to buy the right water tank will never go wrong with ACUS Water Tanks New Zealand. We supply and install rainwater tanks of various capacities, from 600 to a giant 30,000 litres. So why waste that valuable resource on washing automobiles or gardening activities? Save rainwater with us & conserve that precious resource.

Why Choose our Rainwater Tank?

  • Tanks are sturdy and arrive in several wear-resistant colours
  • Made using 100% recyclable & robust materials
  • These are UV-resistant, built to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Entirely leak-proof, with convenient water storage
  • Priced at competitive rates and no compromise on quality
  • Installed easily at any location you want

Our Tanks Are Perfect Installations For

  • Home or Residential Constructions
  • Schools & Universities
  • Industrial Developments and Office Buildings
  • Large Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels & Guest Houses
  • Agriculture Sites

Explore our Available Products

ACUS carries a wide assortment of tanks that can be positioned in the yard/ garden under the downspout to gather water draining from the house roof. The products vary in size, colour, and pattern. Explore our range and buy the right one considering your needs.

What to look for when buying rainwater tanks?

Picking the right tank is the foremost step towards implementing this system that not just saves water but also reduces your electricity bill.

Before you decide to purchase a rainwater tank, you must ponder a few things. First, consider your geographical area and the amount of rainfall it receives. And look around the space. It helps you decide on the tank's size and storage capacity.

Besides, if you have any queries or doubts in mind related to the tank's quality, longevity, material, or installation, feel free to reach us. Our customer service and sales department can help you!

Tell us about your requirements; we will deliver what you are looking for.